Hysysco are now the UK Agents and Integrators for TeknoIce

TeknoIce are one of the largest Italian Ice Cream Equipment manufacturers. With 35 years experience they can provide a wide range of machines for the manufacture of Ice Cream and Ice Cream products guaranteeing high production flexibility, easy to use, excellent investment-production ratio, state-of-the-art technology, all in compliance with current European standards with regard to safety and hygiene.

Continous Freezers Available models

TEKNOFREEZE 400 – Fully Automatic Continuous freezer electronic version (EL) Ice Cream Production 150 – 400 lt/h

TEKNOFREEZE 600 – Fully Automatic Continuous freezer electronic version (EL) Ice Cream Production 200 – 600 lt/h

TEKNOFREEZE 800 – Fully Automatic Continuous freezer electronic version (EL) Ice Cream Production 250 – 800 l/h

Complete with:
– Freon 507 refrigeration compressor
– dasher motor
– double air-mix piston / rotary lobe pump
– freezer barrel pressure DHW safety valve br  – pneumatic valve to adjust ice cream pressure in the freezer barrel
– CIP cleaning program incorporated
– set-up for CIP cleaning
– DHW pipes connections
– Compressed air sterilisation system with high-efficiency active carbon filters with sterilised cartridge and filter
Using the touch screen (on the electronic version EL) on the electronic panel, it is possible to start and control the following phases and relative operating parameters:
– hourly production capacity
– input mix temperature
– ice cream output temperature
– ice-cream stiffness
– overrun
– pressure inside the barrel
– compressor parameters control
– speed, air, hot gas adjustment
– ice cream recipe memorisation
– all these functions can be automatically called-up when necessary


TEKNOFREEZE 1600 – Continuous freezer entirely made in stainless steel, with capacity from 450 to 1600 lt/h of ice-cream at 100% overrun.

TEKNOFREEZE 1600 EL complete with:

  • Dividable semi-sealed compressor refrigerator of 22 Kw with Freon R-507, with capacity control
  • Water tubular condenser
  • 15 Kw inverter-controlled dasher motor. Rotation speed can be adjusted according to the set production speed and/or according to the characteristics of the mix
  • Mix double piston /rotaty lobe pump of 1.5 Kw, controlled by an inverter
  • Ice cream extraction gear pump motor of 1.5 Kw, controlled by an inverter. The rotation speed can be changed in order to keep the desired pressure inside the freezer barrel
  • Internal electrical panel
  • Mass flow meter overrun adjustment precision
  • Electronic thermostatic valve
  • Proportional hot gas adjustment system
  • Touch screen operator panel from which to access, display, adjust and control the following parameters: – Hourly ice cream production capacity – Litres of mix consumed per hour – Mix input temperature – Ice cream output temperature – Dasher motor amperage (stiffness of ice cream) – Dasher rotation speed – Overrun percentage – Air pressure introduced into the ice cream mix – Ice cream pressure – Compressor operation parameters – Operation hours – Operation parameters storage regarding a specific ice cream recipe – Hot gas continuous injection adjustment – totally automated production start and stop – CIP cleaning cycle program
  • Pressure safety valve on the ice cream line
  • Bypass valve on the mix pump for CIP cleaning
  • Sterilisation unit with compressed air filters that include: – pressure reducer with automatic discharge of condensation – a high-efficiency active carbon filter with removable cartridge – oil separator filter – sterilising filter with removable and re-usable Teflon cartridge


We can also provide the necessary extras

RIPPLE Designed to work in-line with continuous ice-cream freezers, for the production of ice-cream variegated with syrup or high density caramel.
FRUIT FEEDER FRUIT FEEDER used in connection with the ice cream continuous freezer to add solid and small pieces of ingredients in the ice cream flow



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