Bespoke stainless steel tanks & vessels

We supply a wide range of hygienic tanks and vessels for the UK food and beverage industries. Manufactured from various grades of stainless steel, and all designed to be CIP’able our products include;

Cooking vessels – Double-skinned, insulated vessels incorporating limpet coil steam heating and fitted with a wide variety of agitator and mixer designs. Can be supplied with fully automatic heating control systems and fitted with a full range of instrumentation.

Mixing / Blending tanks – Single skinned or double-skinned and insulated. From 50 litres to 30,000 litres capacity. Wide variety and combination of agitators and high shear mixers.

Holding tanks – Single or double-skinned and insulated. Vertical or horizontal designs available.

ISO9001:2008 manufacturing facility

TUV approvals for pressure vessel manufacturing

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