Ice Cream

Here at Hysysco Headquarters we love designing and building commercial ice cream production plants.

We don’t make ice cream ourselves, but we do like helping others to make better ice cream using our systems.

Mago batch pasteuriser schematic

Whether it’s a batch system with a jacketed pasteuriser (electrically or hot water heated), or a continuous system with an HTST pasteuriser that we design and build in-house, we have masses of experience of all the technical aspects of ice cream production.

In addition to the supply of pasteurisers, we offer a full range of Bertoli homogenisers for ice cream and we can also supply stand-alone ageing vats.

But our greatest strength is in the design, manufacture and support of complete, integrated ice cream production systems, where we ensure that all the equipment and services are designed to be matched to one another and work as one homogeneous system.