We’re proud to offer you a range of robust, energy efficient, quality machines designed for the food industry by food industry specialists, Bertoli Srl.

With a range of machines starting at only 40 litres per hour at 400 bar, up to machines capable of processing over 70,000 litres per hour at 180 bar, Bertoli Srl have a machine perfectly designed to meet every individual requirement.

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When you buy an homogeniser from Hysysco, you’re not just buying a machine, you’re buying a homogenising system, and we have the necessary process expertise to ensure that your homogeniser is supplied with the right amount of raw material, at the right pressure, and connected to the right electrical and mechanical services to ensure years of trouble-free operation.

Our principals, Bertoli Srl have been building the finest homogenisers to their own designs for over 40 years. Bertoli machines are designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Some of their patented features include:

  • Piston self-alignment system: ensures that the pistons are always in the best operating position. The axial clearance and the double guide allow the pistons to set radially, thus increasing
    the lifetime of the multi-element dynamic gaskets and the lifetime of the pistons up to 5000 hours without the need for expensive coatings;
  • High-efficiency homogenising valve “Margherita”: saves up to 20% of the power consumption of a homogenizer and ensures maximum homogenizing efficiency with pressures 20% lower than traditional homogenizing valves;
  • Integrated oil-cooling system: this system for cooling the lubricant in the transmission body uses the cooling and lubrication water of the pumping pistons to increase considerably the lifetime of the lubricant and the transmission components without the need of a hydraulic control unit for circulation and cooling;
  • Sterile water generation system for lubricating and cooling the pumping pistons and for flushing the homogenizing assemblies. This unit achieves considerable savings of sterile condensate, so that the cost of the system is generally paid back by the energy savings within one year.

The combination of homogenising expertise of Bertoli and the process design experience of Hysysco offer you an unrivalled combination of skills.

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Bertolli Homogeniser