CIP Systems

Hysysco – The Cleaning In Place experts

If you’ve come to this part of our website on purpose, you will already know that “CIP” is short for “Clean In Place”, and is a critical requirement for any food or beverage processing facility.

Hysysco design, construct, install, commission and maintain CIP systems for the food and beverage industry.

As well as the supply of new CIP systems, the Hysysco team can help you with;

 If you’re interested in how the Hygienic Systems Company can save you time and money on CIP, then give us a call on 01427 613942 or contact us and let’s see if we can help.

Complete Solution

Hysysco specialise in providing a complete turnkey CIP system solution.

We design, construct, install, commission and maintain CIP systems in accordance with our accredited ISO:9001 Quality System


The Design of the CIP system is every bit as critical as the design of the food or beverage production system. A food processing system that cannot be cleaned effectively and efficiently is not a good one.” ………….Darren Smith – Hysysco Technical Director

The ideal situation is one where the process production design and CIP design are carried out simultaneously, however, this is not always possible. Many of our CIP system are designed to clean an existing food processing system that for example needs better allergen segregation or less down time for a product changeover.

Our process engineers will survey and review your existing production system and we will work with you to design a bespoke, effective CIP solution to meet your specific needs.

We design mechanically using AutoCad 3D and start from a conceptual schematic.

Our Designs are based on a standard range of world-leading components from consistently reliable manufacturers; Control hardware is largely from Rockwell or Siemens. Hygienic pumps and valves from GEA. Instrumentation is largely from IFM & Endress & Hauser. Steam components are supplied by Ari.

Our software has been developed and refined throughout the course of our involvement with CIP to a largely standardised package. However, every system is bespoke to some degree and software customisation is carried out mainly by our in-house programmers.

Construction & Installation

In order to simply the Installation process, we pre-construct our systems on skids where possible, including as much interconnecting mechanical pipe work and electrical wiring as is practicable.

In addition to our own team of pipefitter / welders and electricians, we have a series of proven partnerships with specialist subcontractors familiar with the requirements of site work in the food and beverage industries.


Again carried out mainly by our in-house team of mechanical, electrical, and software specialists, the Commissioning process is overseen by the Project Manager.

During the Commissioning process, we work with our clients to train their staff; Managers, Operators, Engineers and Quality Controllers need a full understanding of the CIP process. as an invaluable tool to the business, not a necessary


As with any business tool, CIP systems need to be Maintained if they are to perform at their best. Once we’ve commissioned your Hysysco CIP system, our partner company Hysyscare can provide ongoing aftercare and support in the form of spare parts and hands-on service support. We can also provide remote technical support via to give you real-time diagnostic and fault-finding reports.

If you’re interested in how Hysysco can save you time and money on CIP, then give us a call on 01427 613942 or contact us and let’s see if we can help.