About Us

In case you’re wondering, It’s pronounced “Hi – Sys – Co” and it’s an abbreviation of the Hygienic Systems Company.

In choosing the name, we tried to sum up what we do in one simple word or sentence.

What we’d really have liked to call the company is “The UK Company that design, manufacture, install and commission process cleaning in place (CIP) systems for the dairy, juice, ice cream, sauces, dips, soups and other liquid food industries” – but we thought that this might have been a bit of a mouthful, hence Hysysco!

Our background is the food industry through and through.



Darren is our Operations Director has been happily hands-on designing and building food processing systems for over 20 years.


Adam, our Commercial Director, can’t be anywhere near as old as Darren as he’s only had 18 years in the food processing industry.


Together with our colleagues and associates, we bring all our collective experience and work with you to design the best, most efficient, most cost-effective food processing systems for your business.